Building a Crunch Labs kit

When we do, we discover.

Where it Came From

Maybe not my best quote, but it serves a purpose. When we do, we learn - we really discover what we didn't know.

Too often "experts" tell us we're doing XYZ "all wrong." They self-profess their expertise and want us to believe only _they_ know how to do it (what-ever it is) the _right_ way. If you dig deep enough though, you may find they actually have little experience with it (what-ever it is). Their pronouncements are not backed up by experience.

Why I Like It

I really enjoy watching YouTube videos by Mark Rober. He's an engineer, and his mission is to help kids "think like an engineer."

Mark's projects are often in areas new to him. He'll tell you (just watch his videos) that he makes lots of mistakes on the path to success. And he also makes a big point about how every project has challenges. Thinking like an engineer is learning how to take what you know, approach what you don't know - and learn from doing. When we do, we discover; we truly learn what works and what doesn't.

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