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Instructor for HTML & CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL, WordPress, and Web Design classes (online, seated, and hybrid) at Wake Tech Community College. Create lectures, assignments, projects, grading, & guest speakers; Blackboard Learning Management System for course content; EPIC Online Teaching Certification.

Project Details


Wake Tech Community College offers both Web Developer and Web Designer programs. Students can earn either professional certificates or two year Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees.


Demand for web courses offered by Wake Tech's Computer Technologies division continues to increase. To meet this need, Wake Tech hires part-time adjunct and full-time temp instructors to supplement full-time staff.


I taught web classes as both an adjunct and full-time temp instructor at Wake Tech for about nine years. Besides filling the need for more instructors, adjunct instructors also bring valuable industry perspective & real-world experience into the classroom.

Tools & Resources

Adobe Creative CloudChrome Developer ToolsPhpStormVisual Studio CodeLocal by FlyWheelBlackboard LMS, various text books & instructional aids.


Each course lasts 16 weeks, has one mid-term and one final exam. During the semester, class consists of lecture, assignments, quizzes, & occasional guest speakers. Assignments are graded weekly and discussed (with Q&A) the following week in class.

- Structure

Each course lasts 16 weeks, has one mid-term and one final exam. During the semester, class consists of lecture, assignments, quizzes, & occasional guest speakers. Assignments are graded weekly and discussed (with Q&A) the following week in class.

- Textbooks

- Challenges

  • Course Materials
    • creating lecture materials & handouts
    • changing textbooks
    • supplementing textbooks
    • re-creating course curriculums
    • building & rebuilding Blackboard course shells
    • updating course content to stay current & relevant
  • Instruction
    • delivering entertaining 2-3 hr classroom lectures
    • providing knowledgeable help during hands-on labs
    • finding & scheduling industry guest speakers
    • providing ad-hoc help sessions
    • grading, grading, & grading (with feedback) within 7 days of submission
    • teaching remotely during the COVID pandemic
    • responding 24x7 to student requests (I built a custom system to expedite/prioritize help requests)
  • Students & Parents
    • coordinating with student support provided by the Independent Learning Center (ILC)
    • responding to student/parent requests for "last minute special emergency accommodations"
    • accommodating students with special needs
    • handling difficult students
    • handling students who threatened physical harm
    • catching and handling cheating & plagiarism (lots)
    • handling difficult (sometimes threatening) parents

- Rewards

Nothing beats having a student who really wants to learn, pays attention, asks questions, applies critical thinking skills, takes responsibility for their work, and meets deadlines. I had many, many students who were like that. Seeing them succeed helped offset the stress, long hours, and low pay.

- Student Feedback

Comments from instructor evaluations:

  • … above and beyond … more than what was required …
  • I liked that he went over examples for every chapter, every lecture.
  • … always prepared … always helpful.
  • ... works by his schedule. If something changes he lets you know.
  • ... really appreciate his attention to student needs.
  • … excellent guest speakers … very encouraging …
  • … always willing to help and work with you.
  • … answers all the questions … if not, he would get back to me ...
  • I enjoyed his class …
  • One of the better teachers at Wake Tech.
  • supportive instructor – wants to help students learn.
  • ... one of the nicest and most understanding teachers I've ever had!
  • … gave me plenty of second chances, I can’t thank him enough.
  • … very professional and helpful, and had great guests for class!
  • … nice, helpful, and funny. ... email him, he responds as soon as possible.
  • ... lectures are clear, informative, and understandable.
  • Professional and courteous.
  • Great teacher … fun class.
  • ... awesome instructor … great at engaging the class.
  • knowledgeable and a great resource. I looked forward to coming to his class.
  • … as long as he keeps teaching at Wake Tech, students will prosper.
  • … WONDERFUL teacher. I wish all teachers were like him. Not only did he make learning fun, he kept our attention throughout the ENTIRE semester EVERY class.
  • … one of the best.
  • … I really enjoyed all the extra tips … super awesome instructor, great class 🙂
  • … always willing to help, approachable, and knowledgeable. Keep him around!
  • … a cut above the rest … brings lots of passion to the course …
  • very inspiring and infectious … makes a tremendous difference … .
  • ... teachers like Doug are rare … my most enjoyable learning experience. A+.
  • I would take another class with him.
  • … goes above and beyond to add updated content and relevant information.
  • I would recommend this instructor to others.
  • Listened intently ... wanted every student to succeed …
EPIC Online Teaching Certificate
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