Buckminister Fuller in front of a geodesic dome

The Dynamic R. Buckminster Fuller on WUNC

Renaissance engineer

R. (Richard) Buckminister Fuller was a man of many talents. I had a chance to hear him when he came to Iowa State University back in 1975. Unfortunately I passed on the opportunity - using the excuse that I had to study for a test. Looking back now, I SO wish I had gone.

While he is best remembered for the geodesic dome - Bucky, as he was often called - was a "Renaissance engineer" with endless fascination for wide variety of technologies and natural phenomenon.

R. Buckminister Fuller's Dimaxion car

His life

In February of 2015, a one-man play about Fuller's life, R. Buckminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of the Universe was performed at the Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center in Ashville, NC. Did I go? No. I didn't know about it. But if I had, I definitely would have been there.

You can read the Wikipedia page on Bucky, but you might get a more personal insight by listening as WUNC The State of Things radio host Frank Stasio interviewed actor/storyteller David Novak who starred in the production.

Buckminister Fuller, struts, & hubs

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