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Team Connecting Point




Plans to start a new Products/Systems Integration group at Team Connecting Point, also implement company intranet with Internet connection. Acquired first IBM reseller authorization for RS6000 Unix line of RISC based workstations & servers.

Project Details


Team ConnectingPoint, a computer reseller, was an authorized Intelligent Electronics Franchise operating with locations in Waterloo, Dubuque, and Davenport Iowa.


Team was growing and needed to address two expansion opportunities: opening a new location in Davenport Iowa and start a Computer/Network Systems Integration group.


I joined Team as a 3rd partner, working with Mark Kittrell and Steve Fisher. I opened the Davenport location and started a new group within Team - the Products Division.

Tools & Resources



One of the first tasks after opening the Davenport location was to build & install a wide area network - TeamNet - which connected all three locations as well as provided a connection to the Internet.

While tasked with starting a new Systems Integration group, working with Mark & Steve it became obvious that by shifting it into a larger group - the Products Group - we could not only go after new revenue opportunities but also streamline some of the growing, operational overhead.

Highlights of the plans for both the wide area network and the new Products group are shown below.

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