EDS HQ in Plano, TX

180,000 IP phones

Walk into Bank of America and you’ll see Cisco IP telephones. Lots of them. Want to know how they got there?

Let me tell you my best sales story.

The first time I saw voice and video work over a data network was at our Cisco sales lab in Raleigh. My boss Matt Mullady was standing beside me, watching a demo, shaking his head. “This is amazing.” he said. ”This is going to change everything.” …

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Chuck Robbins, Cisco

Five Principles of Selling

As a senior executive at Cisco, every quarter I’m responsible for making sure my North American team closes thousands of sales, generates hundred-million-dollar revenues, and guarantees every customer we come in contact with is a satisfied customer. To do that, I rely on these five principles for effective selling.

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