Narratives about events that happened – or might happen.

Flight over Hiroshima for RKO/Pathe News -December 13, 1945

Flights of a LifeTime: Hiroshima and Mt. Fuji

Dad loved to fly. A crew chief for B-25 & 26 bombers, he flew over Hiroshima and barrel-rolled off the top of Mt. Fuji. These are some of his stories.

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1915 Model T Roadster

Lowell Stories: Stalled On The Tracks (& more)

Dad never had a mishap when flying (well, not one that he couldn’t handle). But when it came to cars, he had some close calls. Here’s three of his car tales.

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Stock truck with cattle

Lowell Stories: Would It Still Have Happened?

This is one of Dad’s “I’m lucky to be here” stories that he wrote down for us back in 1999. I swear (so did he) that man had a guardian angel watching over him.

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Dr. Who - Tardis in space/time

“Well, hello good son. Where did the time go?”

Dad was my best friend. When we discussed topics, we’d leave each other with something to ponder. Two days before he passed away, he left me with a big one.

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Our first punkin chunker

Punkin’ Chunkin’ – A Good Laugh

Punkin’ chunkin’ is an eclectic sport. Even though “chunkers” throw things year round, they only toss pumpkins before Thanksgiving. This was our first chunker.

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EDS HQ in Plano, TX

“You’ve got 10 minutes. Change my mind.”

Walk into Bank of America and you’ll find LOTS of Cisco IP phones. Want to know how they got there? This is my best sales story. (Hint – it has a happy ending.)

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Dome home in Sherrill, Iowa

Building a Geodesic Dome Home in Iowa

After college, I told a friend “We’re going to build a dome home.” He said, “If it was a regular house, it’d be like like an architect living in a mobile home.”

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Rebuilding an Opel Cadet engine

Machinist to ME – An Unplanned Life Change

I had just started at Iowa State. Reb’s mom and I were watching Saydel play their first football game of the season. “You didn’t know? Jeff committed suicide.”

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High school chemistry lab

Chemistry Class – “Sign zee papers old man!”

Close to graduation I decided to pull a prank on a favorite teacher – “MadMan” Larry Dean. MadMan was our chemistry teacher & his nickname was well deserved.

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