WordCamp class

Presentations & webinars

Technical & non-technical public speaking opportunities with both small and large audiences. Events include WordCamp, indieConf, interOp, Macworld, and Cisco.

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WEB115 Blackboard

Wake Tech – web technologies

Instructor for HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL, WordPress, and Web Design classes (online, seated, and hybrid) at Wake Tech Community College. Create lectures, assignments, projects, grading, & guest speakers; Blackboard Learning Management System for course content; EPIC Online Teaching Certification.

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eNC netcasting manual

eNC – netcasting manual & classes

Manual with training class on how to create podcasts and webcasts. Delivered to entrepreneurs & small business owners at four of the rural North Carolina Business & Technology Development Centers. Funded by the North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center under a grant from the Kellogg Foundation.

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Cisco Press - Networking Simplified

Cisco Press – technical editing

Technical reviewer for Cisco Networking Simplified books from Cisco Press. Reviewed drafts, consulted with authors and editor to confirm topics were presented with technical accuracy, easy to understand, and stayed in context with the chapter focus.

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ECU VoIP plan

ECU – VoIP business plan

Business plan for East Carolina University to migrate voice services from a Nortel Class 5 telephone switch to Cisco’s Unified Communications (UC) products. Requested by the CIO, the three year $5.89m migration identified unrecognized operational risk in detail and outlined mitigation strategies. The plan was enthusiastically adopted.

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Colonial Baptist write-up

Cisco – Cisco Network Academy

Internal success story describing how students from Athens Drive High School installed Cisco IP phones and voicemail at a mega church. Students were taught basic IP Telephony in their Network Academy classroom, then successfully installed a real-world, integrated voice & data network.

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AVVID demo diagram

Cisco – AVVID demo room & kits

Portable kits and training room demonstrated Cisco Unified Communications (UC) solutions. Telecommunication managers were skeptical of Voice over IP (aka UC) technology; the kits and demo room offered opportunities for hands-on evaluation.

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Interpath POC network diagram

Cisco – Interpath P.O.C.

Proof-of-concept network for delivering next generation high-speed voice, video, and data services. Designed for Internet Service Provider (ISP) Interpath and tested at Cisco’s San Jose CPOC lab, the SONET OC-3/12 fiber connections and ATM core/edge switches transported both legacy T-carrier and advanced packet services.

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DCAP plan


Data Communications Architecture Project (DCAP) provided a vision and plan to overhaul Carolina Power & Light’s data network. A high speed, switched Ethernet, TCP/IP over SONET fiber network replaced the slow & unreliable Token Ring/Banyan Vines network.

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swift creek plan

Swift Creek Elementary – technology plan

School-wide data network – including fiber connections to outside trailers and a T1 connection to the Internet – implemented at Swift Creek Elementary. Parents donated material and labor to re-cable the campus; PTA donated money for computer labs and classroom computers, Time Warner donated a T1 Internet connection.

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Alcatel plan

Alcatel – Engineering Systems

Plan to rebuild computing environment & IT group supporting Product Engineering for Alcatel Network Systems (ANS). Supported by ANS CIO & CFO, new staff was hired, networks rebuilt, engineering workstations replaced, and a new data center with a state-of-the-art server architecture installed.

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TEAMnet plan

Team CP – Products Division, TeamNet

Plans to start a new Products/Systems Integration group at Team Connecting Point, also implement company intranet with Internet connection. Acquired first IBM reseller authorization for RS6000 Unix line of RISC based workstations & servers.

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John Deere WIN summary

John Deere – Wide area Integrated Network (WIN)

Global, multi-protocol network connecting major John Deere facilities and the early public Internet. IBM mainframes, mini-computers, engineering CAD/CAM workstations, and factory-floor machines accessed the network using TCP/IP; IMS & DB2 corporate data repositories were extended with local Oracle databases.

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