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“You want me to wear a hard hat? Really??”

Pictures can make your proof argument more impressive, but it’s hard to beat a live, in-person demo. And if you can’t do a live demo – try video. Take a look.

Category: Thoughts
Topics: Show Proof, Tell-Show-Try
Tags: Demo examples
Donald Davis at the National Storytelling Festival

5 Ideas – National Storytelling Festival

My dad told me once “If you learn one thing, then it was worthwhile.” Sometimes you learn more, like at the National Storytelling Festival last weekend.

Category: Thoughts
Topics: Tell-Show-Try
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Hawkeye Science Fair - Rolamite project

Hawkeye Science Fair – What Is a Rolamite?

My exhibit at the 1969 Hawkeye Science Fair explaining rolamite technology. It was hailed as a new, simple machine on par with the lever, fulcrum, and wheel.

Category: Ideas, Projects
Topics: Tell-Show-Try
Skills: Explaining, Technology