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Our first punkin chunker

Punkin’ Chunkin’ – A Good Laugh

Punkin’ chunkin’ is an eclectic sport. Even though “chunkers” throw things year round, they only toss pumpkins before Thanksgiving. This was our first chunker.

Category: Stories
Topics: Hobbies, Humor
Tags: Cindy Foster, Doug Foster, Jeremy Smith
High school chemistry lab

Chemistry Class – “Sign zee papers old man!”

Close to graduation I decided to pull a prank on a favorite teacher – “MadMan” Larry Dean. MadMan was our chemistry teacher & his nickname was well deserved.

Category: Stories
Topics: Humor
Tags: Doug Foster
ISU Freshman Engineering competition - we won 1st place!

ISU – Freshman Engineering competition

Multi-media presentation with live demonstrations; won first place in Fall Freshman Engineering competition at Iowa State. Designed a series of vehicle alarms.

Category: Projects
Topics: Humor
Skills: Explaining