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Find a Grave Tools project on GitHub

Find a Grave Tools

Create a local stash of “Find a Grave” ( memorial pages. Extract/report data.

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Topics: Technology
Tags: Cindy Foster
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SpaceX Raptor 1 vs. Raptor 2 engine changes

Undesigning is the best thing …

“… just delete it … the best part is no part. The best process is no process. It weighs nothing, costs nothing, can’t go wrong.” – Elon Musk

Category: Quotes, Thoughts
Topics: Technology
Building a Crunch Labs kit

When we do, we discover.

Many times I see people who self-profess to be experts. They talk a good story, but can they prove what they say is true? How do they know what they don’t know?

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Topics: Life Lessons, Technology
Tags: Doug Foster
WEB115 Blackboard

Wake Tech – Web Technologies

Instructor for HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL, WordPress, and Web Design classes (online, seated, and hybrid) at Wake Tech Community College.

Category: Projects
Topics: Technology
Tags: Alison Consol, Convinsys
Skills: Internet, Making, Software, Teaching, Websites
Fuentek ShuttleScan

Fuentek – NASA Technical Marketing

Intellectual Property (IP) marketing & licensing for NASA. Reviewed patents for marketability, assessed technology for licensing, interviewed experts, …

Category: Projects
Topics: Technology
Tags: Convinsys, Jack Spain, Laura Schoppe, Nannette Stangle-Castor, NASA
Skills: Convincing, Explaining, Questions, Technology
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EDS HQ in Plano, TX

“You’ve got 10 minutes. Change my mind.”

Walk into Bank of America and you’ll find LOTS of Cisco IP phones. Want to know how they got there? This is my best sales story. (Hint – it has a happy ending.)

Category: Stories
Topics: Technology, Work & Career
Tags: Doug Foster
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telephone switchboard

VoIP Hi Def Conferencing. Amazing & Free!

I’ve been working with data/voice/video networking (especially VoIP) for most of my career. But the other day I lived through an abysmal audio conference call.

Category: Thoughts
Topics: Technology
Tags: Rodney Wines
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NASA EBF3 - Karen Taminger

NASA Langley – Selling the EBF3 Story

Working with NASA scientists and engineers, I learn about technology they develop, then help them find licensing opportunities for the Intellectual Property.

Category: Thoughts
Topics: Technology
Tags: NASA
EBF3 NASA presentation

Fuentek – NASA EBF3

Fifteen minute video explaining NASA’s Electron Beam Free Form Fabrication (EBF3) technology. Facilitated exploratory licensing between NASA and Stratasys, Inc.

Category: Projects
Topics: Technology
Tags: Convinsys, Laura Schoppe, NASA
Skills: Explaining, Making, Video
DCAP plan


Data Communications Architecture Project (DCAP) provided a vision and plan to overhaul Carolina Power & Light’s data network. A high speed, switched Ethernet, TCP/IP over SONET fiber network replaced the slow & unreliable Token Ring/Banyan Vines network.

Category: Projects
Topics: Technology
Tags: Bob Metz, Bob Warren, Dave Furiness, Ed Sharp
Skills: Innovating, Internet, Teams