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Find a Grave Tools project on GitHub

Find a Grave Tools

Create a local stash of “Find a Grave” ( memorial pages. Extract/report data.

Category: Projects, Thoughts
Topics: Technology
Tags: Cindy Foster
Skills: Software
Our first punkin chunker

Punkin’ Chunkin’ – A Good Laugh

Punkin’ chunkin’ is an eclectic sport. Even though “chunkers” throw things year round, they only toss pumpkins before Thanksgiving. This was our first chunker.

Category: Stories
Topics: Hobbies, Humor
Tags: Cindy Foster, Doug Foster, Jeremy Smith
Dome home in Sherrill, Iowa

Building a Geodesic Dome Home in Iowa

After college, I told a friend “We’re going to build a dome home.” He said, “If it was a regular house, it’d be like like an architect living in a mobile home.”

Category: Projects, Stories
Topics: Life Lessons
Tags: Cindy Foster, Doug Foster
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Swift Creek technology plan

Swift Creek Elementary – Technology Plan

School-wide data network – including fiber connections to outside trailers and a T1 connection to the Internet – implemented at Swift Creek Elementary.

Category: Projects
Tags: Cindy Foster, Francis Shepherd, Tony Pierce
Skills: Innovating, Internet
MacVet logo

MacVet – Veterinary Software

Veterinary clinic management system, included multi-location inventory management, heard health reminders, and full service/procedure invoicing. Written in a 4GL database language, MacVet ran on a local network of IBM PC and/or Apple Macintosh computers.

Category: Projects
Tags: Cindy Foster
Skills: Making, Software