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Line Defender video staging

Line Defender – Product Demo Video

Two minute video demonstrates how Line Defender™ easily prevents monofilament fishing line from snarling the propellor & motor shaft of electric rolling motors.

Category: Projects
Tags: Allen Moore, Convinsys
Skills: Explaining, Making, Video website

Touchstone 3D – Website

WordPress website promoting product innovation & prototyping services. FooGallery plugin with Beaver Builder theme for easy to maintain, visual page structure.

Category: Projects
Tags: Allen Moore, Audio, Convinsys, Sam Felts
Skills: Making, Websites
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chargeGuardZ sales development plan

ChargeGuardZ – Sales Development Plan

Sales development plan for iPhone cable protector from startup Zaytoun Industries. Story-based methodology, markets, differentiation, branding, pricing, …

Category: Projects
Tags: Allen Moore, Convinsys
Skills: Convincing
scriptcase home page

Touchstone 3D – Order Management System

Select a new tool for rebuilding company’s Order Management System. OMS was difficult to maintain and written in Java by an intern no longer with the company.

Category: Projects
Tags: Allen Moore, Convinsys
Skills: Analyzing, Making, Software
old TS3D website

Touchstone 3D – Websites

Multiple websites promoting the company’s product innovation & prototyping services, Touchstone3D continues to contract with Convinsys for web based projects.

Category: Projects
Tags: Alex Coplo, Allen Moore, Convinsys
Skills: Audio, Making, Websites