Things I made (or did) to reach a specific goal.

Engineer in Training (EIT) - certificate front

Certificates & Training

Recently I was asked to supply a list of professional/training certifications. When I looked back in my file drawers I was surprised to more than I remembered.

Skills: Learning
WEB115 Blackboard

Wake Tech – Web Technologies

Instructor for HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL, WordPress, and Web Design classes (online, seated, and hybrid) at Wake Tech Community College.

Topics: Technology
Tags: Alison Consol, Convinsys
Skills: Internet, Making, Software, Teaching, Websites home page - 2023 – Website

WordPress website for sharing personal stories about life & work, photos, and work projects. Built with WordPress, Beaver Builder, custom code, & plugins.

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Line Defender video staging

Line Defender – Product Demo Video

Two minute video demonstrates how Line Defender™ easily prevents monofilament fishing line from snarling the propellor & motor shaft of electric rolling motors.

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2018 WordCamp class

Presentations & Webinars

Technical & non-technical public speaking opportunities with both small and large audiences. Events include WordCamp, indieConf, interOp, Macworld, and Cisco.

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FOCUS dashboard

LIPM – FOCUS Integrated Marketing Software

Print/digital marketing campaign platform. Drip ECRM cloud, WordPress, custom JS/PHP, private URLs & QR codes, Calendly, Gyft, & Drip integrated via REST.

Tags: Convinsys, Kelly Clark
Skills: Engineering, Innovating, Making, Software
LIPM website

LIPM – Website & Marketing

Marketing support for short-run print shop. Rebuilt WordPress website, web analytics, lots of pages & posts, write/edit copy, photography, videos, SEO, …

Tags: Convinsys, Kelly Clark, Richard Smith
Skills: Convincing, Making, Software, Websites website

Touchstone 3D – Website

WordPress website promoting product innovation & prototyping services. FooGallery plugin with Beaver Builder theme for easy to maintain, visual page structure.

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chargeGuardZ sales development plan

ChargeGuardZ – Sales Development Plan

Sales development plan for iPhone cable protector from startup Zaytoun Industries. Story-based methodology, markets, differentiation, branding, pricing, …

Tags: Allen Moore, Convinsys
Skills: Convincing
CSM web app

LIPM – Job Status Tracking

WordPress app to track limited-run post card mailings. Gravity Forms & View allow clients/staff access to protected pages; emails sent when jobs are updated.

Tags: Convinsys, Kelly Clark, Mike Dickinson
Skills: Making, Software website

AFS Photography – Website

WordPress website promoting photography services; extensive blog with backstories and favorite photos. Content copy protection, Slider Revolution plugin, …

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scriptcase home page

Touchstone 3D – Order Management System

Select a new tool for rebuilding company’s Order Management System. OMS was difficult to maintain and written in Java by an intern no longer with the company.

Tags: Allen Moore, Convinsys
Skills: Analyzing, Making, Software
HP Wall Art video

LIPM – HP Wall Art Video

Two minute video showing the creation and installation of an in-house designed, ceiling to floor, HP Wall Art display. iPhone/DSLR cameras, hundreds of stills.

Tags: Convinsys, Kelly Clark
Skills: Explaining, Making, Video
WUNC mailer

LIPM – WUNC Success Story

Success story – how Laser Image Printing & Marketing implemented a direct mail campaign to help solve WUNC public radio’s challenge with sustaining supporters.

Tags: Convinsys, Kelly Clark
Skills: Audio, Explaining, Questions
Fuentek ShuttleScan

Fuentek – NASA Technical Marketing

Intellectual Property (IP) marketing & licensing for NASA. Reviewed patents for marketability, assessed technology for licensing, interviewed experts, …

Topics: Technology
Tags: Convinsys, Jack Spain, Laura Schoppe, Nannette Stangle-Castor, NASA
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old TS3D website

Touchstone 3D – Websites

Multiple websites promoting the company’s product innovation & prototyping services, Touchstone3D continues to contract with Convinsys for web based projects.

Tags: Alex Coplo, Allen Moore, Convinsys
Skills: Audio, Making, Websites
PinPointRG DR story

PinpointRG – NCHFA success story

Story describing how Pinpoint Resource Group helped the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA) implement a VMWare based business continuity strategy.

Tags: Convinsys, Gilbert Reynolds
Skills: Audio, Explaining, Questions
Dome home in Sherrill, Iowa

Building a Geodesic Dome Home in Iowa

After college, I told a friend “We’re going to build a dome home.” He said, “If it was a regular house, it’d be like like an architect living in a mobile home.”

Topics: Life Lessons
Tags: Cindy Foster, Doug Foster
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Fit 2 View - sales & marketing plan

Fit to View – Sales Development Plan

Sales development plan for patented mortician’s product from startup Fit to View. Story-based methodology covers value, markets, differentiation, branding, pricing, competitors, and distribution strategies; go-to-market section defines priorities and activities.

Tags: Convinsys, Dan Fuccella, Melvin Huell
Skills: Convincing
Cisco sales training

Cisco – Sales Training

Three one-hour training class for Cisco Product Marketing group: 1) Sales strategy, 2) How Stories Help Sell, 3) Presenting Tips & Best Practices.

Tags: Convinsys, Mike Dilio
Skills: Explaining, Teaching
EBF3 NASA presentation

Fuentek – NASA EBF3

Fifteen minute video explaining NASA’s Electron Beam Free Form Fabrication (EBF3) technology. Facilitated exploratory licensing between NASA and Stratasys, Inc.

Topics: Technology
Tags: Convinsys, Laura Schoppe, NASA
Skills: Explaining, Making, Video
eNC netcasting project

eNC – Netcasting Manual & Classes

Manual with training class on how to create podcasts and webcasts. Delivered to four of the rural North Carolina Business & Technology Development Centers.

Tags: Convinsys, Jane Smith Patterson
Skills: Audio, Explaining, Internet, Making
Cisco Press - Networking Simplified

Cisco Press – Technical Editing

Technical reviewer for Cisco Networking Simplified books from Cisco Press. Reviewed drafts, consulted with authors and editor to confirm topics were …

Tags: Convinsys, Jim Dougherty
Skills: Explaining, Internet
ECU VoIP plan

ECU – VoIP Business Plan

Business plan for East Carolina University to migrate voice services from a Nortel Class 5 telephone switch to Cisco’s Unified Communications (UC) products.

Tags: Martin Jackson, Mike Curtis, Scott Wertz
Skills: Analyzing, Engineering, Internet, Learning, Questions
Colonial Baptist write-up

Cisco – Cisco Network Academy

Internal success story describing how students from Athens Drive High School installed Cisco IP phones, voicemail, and a voice-data network at a mega church.

Tags: Bill Reece, Mike Murray, Scott Wertz
Skills: Explaining, Internet
AVVID demo diagram

Cisco – AVVID Demo Room & Kits

Portable kits and training room demonstrated Cisco Unified Communications (UC) solutions. The kits and demo room offered opportunities for hands-on evaluation.

Tags: Matt Mullady, Ronnie Harrell
Skills: Convincing, Explaining, Internet, Making
Interpath POC network diagram

Cisco – Interpath P.O.C.

Proof-of-concept network for delivering next generation high-speed voice, video, and data services. Designed for Internet Service Provider (ISP) Interpath.

Tags: Charley Bratton, Chuck Robbins, Mike Dilio
Skills: Convincing, Internet
DCAP plan


Data Communications Architecture Project (DCAP) provided a vision and plan to overhaul Carolina Power & Light’s data network. A high speed, switched Ethernet, TCP/IP over SONET fiber network replaced the slow & unreliable Token Ring/Banyan Vines network.

Topics: Technology
Tags: Bob Metz, Bob Warren, Dave Furiness, Ed Sharp
Skills: Innovating, Internet, Teams
Swift Creek technology plan

Swift Creek Elementary – Technology Plan

School-wide data network – including fiber connections to outside trailers and a T1 connection to the Internet – implemented at Swift Creek Elementary.

Tags: Cindy Foster, Francis Shepherd, Tony Pierce
Skills: Innovating, Internet

Alcatel – Engineering Systems

Plan to rebuild computing environment & IT group supporting Product Engineering for Alcatel Network Systems (ANS). Supported by CIO & CFO, new staff hired, …

Tags: Ed Galloway, Rodney Wines
Skills: Internet, Teams
TEAMnet org plan

Team CP – Products Division, TeamNet

Plans to start a new Products/Systems Integration group at Team Connecting Point, also implement company intranet with Internet connection. IBM authorized …

Tags: Mark Kittrell
Skills: Internet, Making, Teams
John Deere harvester

John Deere – Wide area Integrated Network (WIN)

Global, multi-protocol network connecting major John Deere facilities and the early public Internet. IBM mainframes, mini-computers, CAD/CAM workstations …

Tags: Keith Enstrom, Tom Hein
Skills: Innovating, Internet, Technology
MacVet logo

MacVet – Veterinary Software

Veterinary clinic management system, included multi-location inventory management, heard health reminders, and full service/procedure invoicing. Written in a 4GL database language, MacVet ran on a local network of IBM PC and/or Apple Macintosh computers.

Tags: Cindy Foster
Skills: Making, Software
ISU Freshman Engineering competition - we won 1st place!

ISU – Freshman Engineering competition

Multi-media presentation with live demonstrations; won first place in Fall Freshman Engineering competition at Iowa State. Designed a series of vehicle alarms.

Topics: Humor
Skills: Explaining
Hawkeye Science Fair - Rolamite project

Hawkeye Science Fair – What Is a Rolamite?

My exhibit at the 1969 Hawkeye Science Fair explaining rolamite technology. It was hailed as a new, simple machine on par with the lever, fulcrum, and wheel.

Topics: Tell-Show-Try
Skills: Explaining, Technology