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I ask questions, especially why. I’m an engineer who loves ideas, tools, & creative problem solving. This page is about me - both personal & professional.


Convincing Systems, LLC (DBA Convinsys) has been my business since 2006. I help innovators explain & sell technology by offering courses and consulting.


What I like (thoughts, stories, projects, ideas, quotes, & photos), my business (Convinsys), and topics of interest (Looking for Why, Tell-Show-Try).


The stuff you kinda have to have: Applicable Scope, Copyright, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, & Contact info.


Contact. Follow. Help. This is pretty much the miscellaneous category for the site. Nothing fancy, just a little info to make for a better experience.


Photos are some of my favorite shots. Some were with my iPhone and others were with my SLR mirrorless camera and pro-level lenses. Enjoy!


Projects are things I made or did which involved a fair amount of work. Sometimes you can touch them (like a house), sometimes they're virtual (like websites).


Quotes are words-of-wisdom which I find inspiring or helpful. A few of them I came up with myself :-), but most are from folks FAR smarter than I am.


Find any post or page on the site. This search uses advanced filters which can be revealed & applied by clicking the "Filter" toggle under the main menu.


Stories are longer narratives about events that happened – or might happen. They entertain or make a point, and could be about a person, a group, ... or nobody.


Thoughts are things that come to mind on a topic (or two) … maybe interesting facts, a personal opinion, or reflections on an experience.