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Laser Image Printing & Marketing




Success story describing how Laser Image Printing & Marketing implemented a creative, direct mail campaign to help solve WUNC public radio’s challenge with sustaining supporters. In-person interviews were recorded and edited; the goal was to use both copy & audio to tell the story on Laser Image’s website.

Project Details


Laser Image Printing & Marketing (LIPM) is a small/medium size print shop located in Durham, North Carolina.


WUNC sustaining givers make monthly automatic contributions using bank or credit/debit card drafts. Unfortunately, sometimes when credit cards are replaced or cancelled this also affects their monthly donations.


WUNC partnered with LIPM to develop a very successful, direct mail program for sustaining givers. An initial version of the success story existed, I was asked to update & enhance the story.

Tools & Resources



The print mailer and success story are shown below. Also shown are two audios from interviews with LIPM staff involved in the project. The interviews were used to help gather background for the story.

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