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Two minute video showing the creation and installation of an in-house designed, ceiling to floor, HP Wall Art display. iPhone & DSLR cameras shot hundreds of stills and hours of video; Telestream ScreenFlow & Adobe Creative Suite rendered the final time-compressed version.

Project Details


Laser Image Printing & Marketing (LIPM) is a small/medium size print shop located in Durham, North Carolina.


LIPM wanted to promote their new capability for designing & printing custom wallpaper, wall decals, murals, and canvases using HP's WallArt app & wide format printers.


To demonstrate how easy it is to create & install these custom products, LIPM decided to redecorate their lobby. The Graphic Design department created a unique, full height wall mural for the lobby. Then using HP's WallArt software, the design was printed on an HP Latex 360 64″ printer and installed by LIPM staff.

The entire process - from design to installation - was captured in a time compressed, two minute video.

Tools & Resources

Adobe Creative Cloud, Telestream ScreenFlow, Sony a7 II Full-Frame Mirrorless camera, Sigma MC-11 adapter, Canon L series lenses, iPhone 6+ camera/phone.


The Sony a7 camera was used for shooting project stills, and the iPhone 6+ was used for all video.

Rather than using a time-lapse technique, hours of video were shot at 30 frames per second with the iPhone mounted on a tripod. The camera was positioned so that it needed to be moved only a few times during the entire project. Doing this allowed hours of video to be compressed down into minutes. Since time is compressed, the LIPM staff appear to be as flighty as bees buzzing around a hive. However, the progression of the wallpaper surrounding the lobby has a very linear feel. This approach worked quite well, especially when you consider that the wallpaper - not the LIP staff - was the main star of the video.

Below are both the final product video as well as some still photos from the shoot.

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