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Intellectual Property (IP) marketing and licensing for NASA. Reviewed patents for marketability, screened/assessed technology for licensing, interviewed subject matter experts, award applications, market trends, soliciting licensees, pre-license negotiations. Specialty areas: mechanical, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Project Details


Fuentek, LLC is located in Apex, North Carolina and specializes in technology transfer consulting.


Fuentek contracted with some of the NASA centers for tech transfer consulting and to help them to find commercial licensees for their innovations.


I worked on many NASA tech transfer projects. As the summary states, I did Intellectual Property (IP) marketing and licensing, reviewed patents for marketability, screened/assessed technology for licensing, interviewed subject matter experts, co-authored/strategized award applications, researched market trends, solicited licensees, initiated pre-license negotiations. My technical areas of expertise were mechanical systems, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Tools & Resources

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Projects I worked on:

  • VCSEL Modeling and Simulation for Computational Optoelectronics
  • Physiologically Influenced Educational Video Games or Simulations
  • Haptic Device Interface to Engineering Software and Applications
  • Automatic Attenuation of Cell Phone Vibration
  • R&D 100 Award Applications
  • Digital Multicasting of Multiple Audio Streams
  • Peng Power-Inverter Suite
  • Microwave Microstripline Circuits for the Creation and Maintenance of Mini and Micro Microwave Discharges
  • Dynamic Channel Bonding in Multicarrier Wireless Networks
  • Collision Detection and Bitwise Arbitration
  • Collision Detection Arbitration for Multicarrier Wireless Networks
  • Revolutionary Space Exploration Concepts (PARSEC) Collaborative Engineering Environment (CEE)
  • Haptic Interface To Support Human Modeling In Virtual Prototyping
  • Automated Security Device
  • Three-Dimensional Velocity Field Characterization In A Bridgman Apparatus: Technology Development And Effect Analysis
  • Real-Time Image Processing Histogram Method And Hardware With Selectable Threshold (or Hardware Histogram Generator)
  • Surveillance System And Method Having A Bayesian Sequential Probability Fault Detection Test
  • Realtime Antenna Monitoring using Optimal Deconvolution
  • Portable Runway Intersection Display And Monitoring System
  • Distributed Solid State Programmable Thermostat / Power Controller
  • Added Features to Enhanced X-Ray Luggage Screening System
  • LVA - Launch Vehicle Analysis Tool
  • Graphical Display System - Winplot
  • Silicon Germanium Alloy Photovoltaics for 1.06 Micron Wireless Power Transmission
  • PID Control Algorithm Applied to Thermally-Coupled, Four-Zone Furnace
  • Real-valued, Mixed Data Type, State Generator And Evaluator
  • Shipping Foam Designer Software
  • Modular Connector Keying Concept
  • Local Leak Detection and Health Monitoring of Pressurized Tanks in a Space Environment
  • Space Link Extension Return Channel Frames (SLE-RCF) Service (User side) Software Librar
  • CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) Software Library
  • SLE Forward CLTU Service (User Side)
  • Coded Acoustic Wave Sensors Using Time Diversity
  • Orthogonal Frequency Coding For Communications, Tagging And Sensors
  • Wireless, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Sensor Arrays
  • Lagrangian Microsensors for Upgrading Fixed Flood Sensor Networks
  • UAV-based Flood Detection System
  • Probe Based Privacy Preserving Traffic Flow Monitoring System
  • Method and Sensors for Estimating and Predicting Airflow Around Air Vehicles
  • Panoramic Imaging System
  • 3D Compression
  • High Voltage Charge Pump
  • Mechanical Membrane Biofouling Prevention: Pulsating Flow Valve
  • Optimization Algorithm for Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Integrated Traffic Flow and Flood Monitoring System
  • Highly Sensitive Magnetic Field Sensor
  • Memristor-Based Reactance-Less Oscillator
  • Demonstration and Flight Testing of Partial Pressure Oxygen Device
  • Solar Powered Refrigerator
  • Habitation Solutions for Building a Global Middle Class in Haiti
  • Water Filtering Device, 100% Effective
  • Flexible Automation & Robotics Technology (Robonaut 2, RoboGlove)
  • Battery Charge Equalizer with Transformer Array
  • Electron Beam Free Form Fabrication (EBF3)
  • High Bandwidth Over-the-Horizon Digital Communications
  • Advanced High Temperature and Fatigue Resistant Environmental Barrier Coating Bond Coat Systems for SiC/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • Method For Multiple Sensor Networks Over a Broad Temperature Range
  • Modeling and Simulation of a Solar Electric Propulsion Vehicle in Near-Earth Vicinity Including Solar Array Degradation
  • Addendum of Self-Aligned Ion Implant to Design and Processing of SiC High Temperature Transistors for Durable Operation Above 400 C
  • RF MEMS Switches Utilizing Non-Metallic Thin Film Cantilevers/Bridges With Controlled Stress And Conductivity
  • Method For Ultraminiature Fiber Light Source
  • Wireless Consumer Power
  • Computer Mouse Cleaning Apparatus
  • Self Recirculating Endwall Suction And Reinjection Method For Fan/Compressor Stabilization And Efficiency Improvement
  • Self-Tuning Impact Damper
  • N Channel JFET Based Digital Logic Gate Structure Using Resistive Level Shifters And Having Direct Application To High Temperature Silicon Carbide Electronics
  • Shape Memory Alloys
  • Polymer Reinforced Aerogels
  • Polymer Matrix Nanocomposites
  • Polimide Aerogels
  • Lattice Block and Metallic Foam Materials
  • High-Temp, Low-melt Resins for Liquid Molding
  • Better Alloy for Resistance Welding Electrodes
  • Materials Data Management Software
  • Advanced Materials Design Analysis Tools
  • Ceramic Integration Technologies for Dissimilar Materials
  • Affordable Joining and Repair Technologies for Ceramics and Composites
  • Fiber Reinforced Foam
  • Advanced Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
  • Electrospray Collection of Lunar Dust
  • Wireless Controlled Chalcogenide Nanoionic Radio Frequency Switch
  • Sampling and Control Circuit Board for an Inertial Measurement Unit
  • Dopant Selective Reactive Ion Etching of Silicon Carbide
  • Polarization Dependent Whispering Gallery Modes in Microspheres
  • OpenMDAO version 0.1: the next generation Multidisciplinary Design Analysis and Optimization(MDAO) open source framework
  • Glenn Flywheel Technology
  • Temporal Laser Pulse Manipulation Using Multiple Optical Ring-Cavities
  • NASA/Goodyear spring tire design for off-road terrestrial or planetary/lunar vehicles
  • Large Inflatable Thin Film Antenna With Rigidized Support Structure
  • Portable Unit for Metabolic Analysis (PUMA)
  • Advanced Copolymer Gel Electrolyte to Enhance Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Circuit and Method for Communication Over DC Power Line
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) Integration Concepts for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Real-time Structural Shape-sensing System
  • Using Spatial Light Modulators For Full Cross-Connections In Optical Networks
  • ShuttleScan 3D Hand-held Surface Scanner
  • High-resolution Photo-mapping of US
  • Cellular Reflectarray Antenna (CRA)
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Topics: Technology
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  1. Jack Spain on 2012-02-06 at 1:23 am

    Doug is a very knowledgeable and versatile Technology Transfer Consultant. He consistently applies his extensive engineering and technology background with his extremely creative marketing and sales instincts to identify novel applications for a diverse portfolio of technology innovations. I had the opportunity to work with Doug closely on a number of client initiatives to evaluate and market technology inventions. Each of these innovations benefited from his creative and resourceful approach to identify target markets and attract prospective licensees. Doug is a fast learner, clearly grasps the big picture, and uses his excellent client relationship and communication skills effectively.

  2. Nannette Stangle-Castor on 2013-03-26 at 4:17 pm

    I have had the pleasure of working with Doug through our mutual consulting at Fuentek for the past 7 years. Doug’s true insight into the sales mind and process provides an invaluable asset to any project he works on. His intellect, strategic thinking, and great persona make him uniquely suited to make an immediate impact on any project, regardless of the technical area. He has an uncanny ability to gets his arms around almost any technology, from software, to materials, to energy, to communications and beyond. In addition to comprehending the technology, he has the rare talent of understanding how the new technology would fit into a sales chain – how it might be introduced and accepted into the market. This insight has proven to be critical to the successful transfer of technologies into the marketplace. When I need someone to brainstorm and strategize, Doug is my number one choice! He has proven time and time again to be able to develop effective strategies and then to implement winning scenarios for clients.